Uptown Guys

Uptown Cafe and Catering has been locally owned and operated for 40 years.

Started in 1983 in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, we have been serving unique, healthy, homemade breakfast and lunch fare to a loyal and varied clientele. Our “regulars’ have become our friends over the years. Fred, Beth, and Nic Tedio, owners, take pride in that. We have also proudly employed family, friends, and many students from all of the local universities over the years. Many staff have worked their way through college at Uptown, becoming part of the family, and staying in touch to this day.


Raising two sons while growing the business truly made Uptown a family affair. Nic Tedio is the general manager of our current location , across from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. This location was opened in April 2000 and has been a great success for Uptown and the community. In 2003 we sadly closed the doors, and a chapter in the life of Uptown Cafe, at the downtown location. This was located at 111 E College Ave for 20 years. We still miss our downtown neighbors, we are blessed to continue serving them fresh healthy food and always enjoy visiting with them when they come in. Beth still takes part in much of the behind the scenes administration of Uptown, and their son, SeanPaul, plays an active role in the building and maintaining of our uptownyum.com website.

Tedio Seminole Family

Our Uptown Cafe Apricot Glazed Smoked Salmon is available to pick up or to ship!



TUE – SAT 7am-3pm, SUN 8am-3pm